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Imagineering the curriculum: It’s time to Reclaim our professional imaginations

Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts
Teacher, Educationalist and Author
Tolbooth Arts Venue
Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE
Monday 16th May 2016
4.15pm – 6.00pm
Doors open at 3.45pm for refreshments and registration


Hywel Roberts is a teacher, author and educationalist working with many schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations across the UK and beyond. Hywel covers, and practices, a whole variety of approaches that make learning real for young people and delivers his work with an energy and a humour that is infectious. Hywel’s biography is on page 2.

Imagineering is what we do prior to the engineering of planning and delivery. It’s that reverie time where we think of what we’d like to do with our children; it’s when we are at our most creative and imaginative. It’s that time when we put context over coverage and wrap humanity around the curriculum. We bring it to life. It’s a skill, but one that teachers are regularly saying they are struggling to find space to use, but it’s a skill that makes our work so much more real and engaging for the children we work with. It’s time to reclaim our professional imaginations!

How can we get Declan to care about Tudor houses? How can we get Imogen to care about writing? How do we build ‘botheredness’? How can we help our children emotionally engage in the work we need them to do? In this session Hywel will report back some of the things he’s found out whilst teaching in primary classrooms, in both mainstream and SEBN schools.

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Hywel is a teacher, writer and educationalist working with many organisations across the UK and beyond. He contributes to University Education programmes, is Associate Director of Independent Thinking Limited and an associate consultant for the University of Wolverhampton. A true Northerner, Hywel Roberts deals in curriculum liberation, creative practice, engagement, leadership, teacher development and imagineering in all settings. He also practices what he preaches in classrooms in the UK and abroad. Hywel was recently described as ‘a world leader in enthusiasm’.

Hywel’s award winning book ‘Oops! Getting Children to Learn Accidentally’ is published by Crown House Publishing. His next book ‘Bad Hat Harry and Imagineering: Making the Curriculum Your Own’ will be published in 2016.

From basic but great classroom pedagogy to developing a ‘blended brave curriculum’ to teacher coaching, leadership development and mentoring (also including TA, AST, NQT development and cover supervisor training) to wonderfully innovative and life-changing strategies such as ‘Mantle of the Expert’, Hywel covers – and practices – a whole variety of approaches that make learning real for young people and delivers his work with an energy and a humour that is quite, quite infectious.

Top creative teacher Hywel Roberts approaches classroom strategies that really do switch on all young children to learn, to think, to participate, to take responsibility and to enjoy the whole wonderful process.

Hywel has most recently worked with Mick Waters, Roy Leighton, Karen Ardley, Phil Beadle, Alistair Smith and is an associate of Ian Gilbert’s Independent Thinking. He is currently supporting school improvement in Bradford, Richmond, Barnsley, Sheffield, Manchester, Formby, Grimsby, South Wales, Birmingham, Dudley and Wakefield through longer-term partnership arrangements and is a regular on the Keynote circuit where he offers his own cutting edge view of education, curriculum and learning.

Hywel is a regular contributor on BBC radio and has showcased his expertise at national and international conferences. Hywel also contributes to The Times Educational Supplement, Creative Teaching and Learning Magazine and other publications.
Hywel has become a regular visitor to Scotland as part of National Creative Learning Network talks, programmes and associated work.



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